Top 5 best plug-ins to produce your electronic music

Top 5 best plug-ins to produce your electronic music: 

What is a VST plugin?

Virtual Studio Technology (VST) is a software interface that integrates software audio synthesizer and effect plugins with audio editors and recording systems. VST and similar technologies use digital signal processing to simulate traditional recording studio hardware in software. Thousands of plugins exist, both commercial and freeware, and a large number of audio applications support VST under license from its creator, Steinberg.

In this article I share with you Top 5 best plug-ins to produce your electronic music

These plug-ins are the most popular and used by music producers in the world but are not free.

These plugins are compatible with all operating systems, either Windows or Mac.

1- Sylenth1 By LennarDigital

Designed for electronic music producers, Sylenth1 is another plug-in based on subtractive analog synthesizer (four oscillators, filters and a modulation section). And as with Massive, the difference with the competition is heard from the very first notes. Less raw but of great complexity, the Sylenth's sounds are finally quite close to vintage machines. To be convinced, just test the 700 factory presets (the Net is also full of them) which gather a really broad musical spectrum (basses of TB-303 or Moog, Juno's layers, leads of Prophet or Access Virus, etc...) and immediately make you want to compose. Super intuitive and resource-efficient, Sylenth1 is clearly a must-have.

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2- Omnisphere 2 By Spectrasonics

Without competing with Kontakt samplers, this hybrid plug-in allows you to import any sound and play it. It is possible to change the octave, apply filters, effects, etc.. A high quality arpeggiator also extends the creative capabilities. Omnisphere integrates a 50 GB bank (more than 10 000 samples), directly exploitable. But above all, it is equipped with a powerful engine offering several synthesis modes (subtractive, FM, granular). And harmonic processors allow you to multiply the voices of the incoming sound tenfold (with the possibility to transpose them, to untune them, etc). Despite the richness of its architecture and its many features, Omnisphere has a clear interface and its use is rather intuitive. At worst, support options will help you find the "right" sounds. An atypical solution, ideal for sound designers and electronic producers. But Omnisphere requires a lot of RAM and it's not cheap.

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3- Kontakt 5 By Native Instruments

Kontakt is one of the most used virtual samplers in home studio. As usual, the latest version brings its share of new features: four additional effects (Solid G-EQ, Solid Bus Com, Transcient Master and Tape Saturator) complete the processing capabilities. Better yet, NI has integrated 37 filters (some of which are from Massive): high and low pass, resonances, peak/noth, filter combinations, talk-box type voice modulations, etc. Fans of the legendary Akai MPCs (including the MPC60) can also access modes that simulate their characteristic vintage sound. In addition, a new algorithm (Time Machine Pro) is dedicated to time-stretching samples. Developed by zPlane and very efficient, it is the only one to offer a "reverse" mode in real time. To feed the sampler, bookshops are numerous and varied on the market. Moreover, Reaktor can now read MIDI files, which allows loops to be played directly in the plug-in.

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4- Massive By Native Instruments

With 4 oscillators and several modulation parameters (filters, envelopes and routing possibilities), Massive is a reference for creating bass lines and leads worthy of the name. Certainly, there are dozens of virtual machines based on subtractive synthesis, but with this plug-in, the sound is really powerful and very "typed" analog. Easily programmable and intuitive, Massive includes no less than 600 directly usable presets (there are plenty of them on the Net). Only downside, it is quite CPU-intensive. But to do electro, dubstep or music, let's say, "ballsy", it's the top.

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5- Arturia V Collection By Arturia

With a series of plug-ins emulating the best machines of the 70s and 80s (Moog, Sequencial Circuits, Roland, etc), Arturia has given virtual synthesizer for the general public its letters of nobility. For the past three years, the French brand has even had the luxury of designing its own analogue bikes (Microbrute and Minibrute, but we also owe it the famous BeatStep sequencer, used notably by Arnaud Rebotini), a new proof of the efficiency of its engineers. So, to discover the little wonders that are the ARP2600, the Jupiter 8V, the Mini V, the Modular V, the CS-80, or the Prophet V (13 plug-ins in total), you can opt for this collection with your eyes closed. Note that each plug-in is also available separately.

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