Lazerwave Free Vst By Ldaysynths

This Synth is a Triangle Wave based, waveshaping PolyphonicSynthesizer with a spacy touch. It can make many kinds of sounds you may find usable for your Productions.

  • 8 Voice Polyphonic Synthesizer.
  • 3 Oscillators with shapeable Triangle Wave.
  • 3 ADSR Envelopes.
  • 2 LFO Rootable seperataly.
  • 1 LowPass Filter with Resonance and a Stepsequencer in two Timing Modes (Host-Synced/Free Rate) for the Cutoff Frequency.
  • 1 DELAY Effect in MONO/STEREO/PINGPONG ModeOutput Amplitude is Toggled with the Velocity.

Available For: 

This vst available for: Windows 32 bit Only.

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