Synister Free Vst By TU-Berlin

Synister free vst by TU-Berlin, is a free open source synthesizer instrument available for Windows and Mac.

This is not a perfect instrument. Probably its biggest problem is the bookmark system used as part of the user interface. Another downside will be the high susceptibility to processor cycles.

  • Synister has 3 oscillators, 3 envelopes, 3 LFO’s, 2 filters (which can be ladder, bandpass, highpass, or lowpass), 4 effects (delay, chorus, clipping, and low fidelity), and a step sequencer with up to 8 steps.
  • The modulation has been made as easy as possible. Select the source and then regulate the amount.
  • The oscillators and the filters element’s can be modulated by different MiDi’s CC and/or an LFO or Envelopes.
  • For the LFO’s and Envelopes, the modulation can be only made by the MIDI’s CC.

Available For:

This vst available for: Windows, Mac.

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