TAL-NoiseMaker Free Vst By Tal Togu Audio Line

TAL-NoiseMaker is an improved version of TAL-Elek7ro and has a completely new synth engine and a lot of improvements in sound and usability. The synth also includes a small effect section with a reverb, chorus and a simple bit crusher effect. A display shows the knob and slider values. This allows more control over the synth. A ringmodulator and a syncable triangle are also part of this synth.

TAL-NoiseMaker includes new filter types as the self resonating 6dB low pass and a notch filter. Its improved amplitude ADSR is very suitable for slow pads as for really fast envelopes. 128 factory presets included, 80 made by Frank "Xenox" Neumann / Particular - Sound.

  • 3 Oscillators.
    1. Osc 1, +- 24 semitones, fine tune, phase control (saw, pulse, noise).
    2. Osc 2, +- 24 semitones, fine tune, phase control (saw, rectangle, triangle, sine).
    3. Sub Osc (rectangle).
    • Osc 1 PM for pulse waveform.
    • Osc 2 FM controled by Osc 1.
    • Osc 1 & Osc 2 sync to sub osc (saw, pulse, rectangle, triangle(bipolar sync)).
    • Adjustable master tune and transpose.
    • Up to 6 voices.
    • Portamento in mono and poly mode (off, auto, on).
    • Ringmod modulates Osc 1 with Osc 2.
    • Self resonating 4x oversampled filters (24 dB LP, 18 dB LP, 12 dB LP, 6 dB LP, 12 dB HP, 12 dB BP, Notch).
    • Filter ADSR (negative and positive).
    • Volume ADSR.
    • Routable ADSR, modulates Filter, Osc 1, Osc 2, PW, FM (negative and positive).
    • 2 LFOs with different running modes: free, sync to host, triggered by note.
              Modulates filter, osc 1, osc 2, FM, PW, LFO rate, panorama and volume.
              Sine, triangle, saw square, S&H, noise.
              Positive and negative modulation.
              Phase control.
    • Adjustable Velocity dependent control over volume filter contour and cutoff.
    • Adjustable Pitch Wheel control over Cutoff and Pitch.
    • One pole HP filter.
    • Detune, detunes notes randomly.
    • Juno chorus with different modes.
    • A built in reverb.
    • Bitcrusher, affects osc 1 and osc 2.Its a pre the filter stage effect.
    • MIDI learn for all knobs.
    • Panic button.
    • Easy to use, no hidden panels.
    • 256 great presets.

    Available For:

    This vst available for: Windows And Mac.

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