Esfera Free Synth Vst By releases Esfera free synth vst for Windows 32 Bit.

Esfera is an ambiance and special effects synthesizer!

The synth is divided by 3 oscillators: - Bass.
- Athmosphere 1.
- Athmosphere 2.

Each oscillator counts with modulation, amp envelope, modulation envelope, 2 filters, 1 using "Q" factor. Athmosphere 1 and 2 oscillators are also gifted of pitch envelope and filter envelope regarding cutoff/Resonance and both.. The 3 oscillators have a Sync LFO with 2 targets at choice, speed up from 8 bars to 1/16b, 4 waveforms and release sync option that relies on Note/Transport Run/BarStart and Off or Random!

Esfera free synth vst also has a Chorus effect and a Stereo Delay effect that can be connected to Athmosphere 1 and 2. The Reverb effect that is provided, opens for both Athmosphere 1 and 2 at once. (Bass oscillator does not has these options).

There is a Stepper effect in this VSTi that has 6 different target options for multiple effects considering the oscillators features. Reverse and Foward option is also available for the Stepper.

Available For:

This vst available for: Windows 32 Bit.

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