Sitala Free Drum Sampler plugin By Decomposer

Sitala Free vst By Decomposer, is a free drum sampler plugin with 16 assignable pads it comes with two basic drum kits but you can add your own and you don't need to use this as a drum sampler you can load any type of sample into it.

  • 16 Assignable Pads. 
  • Velocity sensitive. 
  • Assignable trigger and kill groups.  
  • Mappable with MIDI learn, sequential notes or General MIDI. 
  • Single intuitive envelope shaping control. 
  • Compression featuring automatic gain compensation. 
  • Two-octave sample tuning. 
  • Selectable stereo output or 16-channel one-output-per-pad. 
  • Standalone, VST and Audio Unit support. 
  • Small CPU footprint.

Available For:

This vst available for: Windows (32bit and 64bit), MacOS, Linux.

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